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Adam has become a leading voice in student advocacy, conducting interviews on various topics with media across Canada.


Student advocates launch campaign urging government to release tuition review - the Gateway

‘Adam Brown, the SU vice-president (external) and member of the CAUS board of directors, said the goal of the campaign is to encourage the government to make student tuition more predictable.

“We want to make sure students are aware of what’s going on, and to provide the resource for them to communicate what they want to the provincial government,” Brown said.’


Canadian universities tackle legal cannabis with wildly different policies - MaclEan’s

‘In Calgary, however, where Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a former university professor, expressed concern about the negative impact of weed on young prefrontal cortexes, things are more restrictive. Calgary banned the smoking of marijuana in any Calgary public space. “That,” says Adam Brown, chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and a fourth-year commerce student at the University of Alberta, “has really affected how Mount Royal and the University of Calgary, which are members of CASA, are designing their cannabis policies.”’

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Cannabis legalization on campuses in Alberta - Alberta Primetime

(Interview starts around 32-minute mark)


CASA Report Encourages Canadian Government to Offer More Support to International Students - the Runner

‘“What we’re starting to see is that many universities across the country are starting to take in more and more international students,” says Adam Brown, Vice President External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and the Chair of CASA. “Students [from other countries] are starting to look at Canada more as a viable place to get a quality post-secondary education, but when they get here they can run into a number of barriers such as accessing work permits, student financial aid, or the difficulties in the pathway to citizenship.”’


University of Alberta’s cannabis plan pushes for no growing or smoking in residences - The Star Edmonton

‘Adam Brown, vice-president external for the University of Alberta Students’ Union, says he finds the recommendations “reasonable.”

“I would say we are tentatively supportive of the university’s plan,” he said.

“It does allow the consumption of cannabis on campus, and (it’s) looking like it’s going to be combined with tobacco smoking areas, so we think that’s very reasonable.”’

Provincial university tuition and fee guidelines coming this fall - Edmonton Journal

Brown is crossing his fingers the legislation will include a three-year tuition model to make life more predictable for students.

“That’s a big thing for us, because while a tuition freeze has been great and it has saved students a lot of money, they have also not known what things are going to look like (in the future),” he said.’


Canadian universities ‘flying blind’ into cannabis legalization - The star

‘The union’s vice-president external, Adam Brown, said he hopes to see cannabis permitted on campus.

“I think it’s unrealistic having a city that will be so liberal with this law to have a university that would ban it. It doesn’t make sense, as students will use it no matter what,” Brown said.’


Post-secondary executives among highest paid in Alberta’s public sector as student unions seek predictable tuition - the star edmonton

‘The government has frozen post-secondary tuition since 2015 for local students, but tuition has continued to rise for international students. Brown is pushing for predictable tuition rates for all students moving forward.

“We’re really, really hoping that we will see this review come out in the fall sitting of the legislature. Because right now what students are looking for is a little bit of predictability,” Brown said.’


2017 sunshine list includes salaries of over 1,700 university employees - The gateway

‘Students’ Union vice-president external Adam Brown said while the SU does not have a stance on executive pay, he hopes the money saved from salary cuts will be used to improve student’s experience on campus.

“Will the money that would have been paid to administration be going to students? I certainly hope so,” Brown said. “But regardless of consequences, we want to ensure that student experience at the U of A and the quality of education they receive won’t be diminished in any capacity.”’


Campus Saint-Jean discusses having more autonomy from university - The gateway

“At this point, many people in the francophone community and at Campus Saint-Jean feel like we’re ignored,” he said. “We’re in the riding of the Minister of Advanced Education, Marlin Schmidt and we feel very ignored by him and the provincial government even though we are in his own riding.” - Adam Brown