My platform

These ideas stem from the work that Adam has done over the last number of years, and from what he has heard from students at the University of Alberta. He will continue to bring a strong student voice to government, and change the role of the VP External for years to come to support our Students’ Union and its members: you.

“I am proud of the work I accomplished this year for students, but there is still so much more to be done. I am not done trying to make your experience at the University of Alberta the best it can possibly be, and that is exactly what I will continue to work on if re-elected as your Vice President External.”

- Adam Brown

Advocate for affordability


As your VP External, I will advocate that:

  1. The government of Alberta reallocate tax credit funds towards up-front, non-repayable grants for low and middle-income students.

  2. The government of Alberta freeze international tuition, and mandate post-secondary institutions to charge international students the cost of their degree, no more than that;

  3. The federal government create a 6-month interest free grace period on loan repayment post-graduation.

  4. Alberta’s Repayment Assistance Program (RAP) threshold for loan repayment increase to $32,000 from its current $25,000.

Foster Wellness and Employment

mental health and wellness

As your VP External, I will advocate:

  1. That the Council of Alberta University Students, the Alberta Students Executive Council, and the Alberta Graduate Provincial Advocacy Council present a collaborative list of recommendations on mental health service delivery to the provincial government.

  2. That Alberta Advanced Education and Alberta Health Services keep all currently available mental health services on-campus and expand these services.

  3. That all mental health funding provided by governments be distributed on a per-student basis.

  4. That students and the SU are always consulted during discussions about major changes in mental health services.

  5. That the federal government increase health transfers to provinces targeted at mental health service delivery.

  6. That the federal government expand the current “permanent disabilities” definition for Canada Student Grants to also include grants for short-term mental health problems.

  7. The Augustana Campus and Campus Saint-Jean receive increased funding for on-campus mental health professionals.


As your VP External, I will advocate:

  1. For the modernization of the Summer Temporary Employment Program, including:

    1. Ensuring that all subsidized positions are degree-relevant;

    2. That the Program become year-long to offer part-time employment from September to April;

    3. To increase the subsidy in the Program from $7 to $8-9 per hour per position.

  2. That CASA work with Indigenous students and representative groups (such as the Native Women’s Association of Canada) for the expansion and increased accessibility of the First Nations and Inuit Summer Work Experience Program.

  3. That the Cities of Edmonton and Camrose increase degree-relevant employment opportunities for students.

  4. For the expansion of the federal Work Integrated Learning Program with the goal of allowing all students to access co-ops and internships during their studies.

  5. That the federal government increase the number of work hours allowed for international students during the fall and winter semesters from 20 hours per week to 30 hours per week.

  6. That the federal government modify the international student study permit to grant them automatic access to work-integrated learning opportunities.

Modernize our student spaces


Institutional Funding and Deferred Maintenance

As your VP External, I will advocate:

  1. That the provincial government fund post-secondary institutions operating budgets on a three-year basis, providing predictability for budgeting processes.

  2. For major federal and provincial investments in deferred maintenance.

  3. For a 10-year investment plan to address the deferred maintenance problem.

  4. That specific deferred maintenance funding be targeted at the areas of weakest security presence on campuses.


Campus Saint-JEan

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Advocate for the approval of the University of Alberta’s CSJ infrastructure expansion proposal.

  2. Continue to work with AUFSJ and the francophone community to advocate collectively for CSJ to the provincial and federal governments.

  3. Advocate that the federal Official Languages Funding Program take a needs-based approach to funding distribution, and that the federal government study the elevated costs of post-secondary education in French in a minority context.

Empower our Student’s Union


Fundraising for the Students’ Union

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Incorporate the role of fundraising into the VP External portfolio through:

    1. Amending Bylaw 1100, listing the responsibilities of the VP External.

    2. Working with the SU’s General Manager, Advertising & Sponsorship Manager, and marketing department to expand existing infrastructure to actively seek donations.

  2. Actively market the Students’ Union as a stable, credible institution to receive donations that positively impact students.

  3. Establish a plan to target and approach potential donors, in collaboration with SU staff, the President and the VP Operations and Finance.

  4. Work with donors to focus donations on scholarships through the Student Involvement Endowment Fund.

opposing voluntary student unionism

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Oppose the implementation of voluntary student unionism in Alberta and all other provinces and territories.

  2. Ensure that all political parties in Alberta are aware of the benefits that student associations bring to students through meetings and invitations to tour SUB.

  3. Facilitate discussions with student associations across Canada on how to prevent the implementation of VSU, and how to survive it if it was to happen.

  4. Establish an SU political policy on voluntary student unionism.

  5. Continue efforts to communicate the value of the SU and its services, advocacy and businesses to students.