My platform

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Hold Government Accountable

Tuition and Fees

As your VP External, I will advocate to the provincial government to:

  1. Release the promised new funding framework model
  2. Secure greater financial aid for students by shifting funding from tax credits to up-front grants for low and middle-income students
  3. Re-introduce the regulation of tuition (both domestic and international), and introduce the regulation of mandatory non-instructional fees, into the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA)
  4. Freeze tuition, and regulate differential fees and tuition for international students, only allowing increases in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index
  5. Continue the tuition freeze with adequate backfill funding until new regulations are released


supporting Campus st-jean

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Call on the provincial government to increase funding for Campus Saint-Jean
  2. Advocate that the federal government increase CSJ funding through Official Languages Funding Programs
  3. Collaborate with AUFSJ, the francophone community and the CSJ administration to find solutions to issues facing CSJ students


accessibility and affordability

As your VP External, I will advocate for:

  1. Greater financial support for Indigenous peoples in accessing post-secondary education, in collaboration with Indigenous leaders
  2. Expanding Canada Student Grants (CSG) beyond the graduated income threshold


Deferred Maintenance

As your VP External, I will advocate:

  1. That the provincial government increase capital invested into deferred maintenance projects
  2. That the provincial government create a multi-year preventative and deferred maintenance funding strategy


Support our communities


As your VP External, I will:

  1. Advocate to the provincial government that tax revenues from cannabis sales, when greater than provincial costs, be allocated to post-secondary funding, including mental health funding, student grants and deferred maintenance costs.
  2. Create a cannabis awareness campaign with the Vice President Student Life that details what is legal on campus, and off-campus
  3. Work with administration and governments to monitor the effects of legalization on campuses


Housing issues

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Ensure that the City of Edmonton consults with students and the Students’ Union when reviewing zoning in areas around all University of Alberta campuses
  2. Continue the Students’ Union’s existing work concerning tenants rights advocacy to government and education
  3. Lobby the provincial government to ensure that funding made towards residences provides affordability to students
  4. Support students in cases where they feel unjustly treated in their place of living by a landlord by providing them with educational materials and direction to legal supports


Student integration

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Work with the Edmonton Student Alliance, Edmonton City Council, Explore Edmonton and private organizations to introduce and better advertise more student discounts at events and activities
  2. Engage conversations with Edmonton Transit, Strathcona County Transit, and St. Albert Transit, around ensuring reliable and timely services delivered around campuses

Grow job opportunities

Government employment programs

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Encourage more diverse employers to apply for the Summer Temporary Employment Program
  2. Advocate to the provincial government to transition STEP to a year-long Student Temporary Employment Program, and to the federal government to transition the Canada Summer Jobs Program to a year-long Canada Student Jobs Program, allowing for part-time work during the school year
  3. Engage the provincial government in discussions to raise the subsidized wage to more than the current $7 in order to attract more employers


International student employment

As your VP External, I will:

  1. Ensure that international students are treated fairly when competing for on-campus jobs by consulting continuously with the International Students Association (ISA)
  2. Advocate to allow international students the opportunity to work more than the 20 regulated hours per week