The Role of VP External

"As your Vice President External, my portfolio concerns advocacy that can be done towards government on all levels. I believe in realistic, achievable goals that will leave students of the University of Alberta and the Students’ Union in a better state than when I will have started.

My approach entails ensuring that we are prepared to bring post-secondary issues to the forefront of political discussion in anticipation of the upcoming provincial election, fostering a greater sharing of knowledge and projects with other post-secondary institutions across Canada on projects not just concerning government advocacy, and consulting more with Faculty and Departmental Associations and students on issues necessitating feedback."

- Adam Brown


As per Students’ Union Bylaw 1100:
The Vice President External:
  1. shall develop and maintain awareness of significant issues external to the University of Alberta that impact students;
  2. shall advocate for the Students' Union to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments; and
  3. shall lead and coordinate the Students' Union's efforts on advocacy external to the University of Alberta.