The Role of VP External

“This last year, I have had the honour to serve as your VP External, and have represented your student interests to all levels of government. My experience has only reinforced my beliefs: the student voice needs to continue to be strong and aligned with the student heartbeat. The VP External also has a responsibility  to keep students engaged and aware of political realities that can affect their everyday lives. The next year will present some very unique political challenges and opportunities, and I am ready to tackle them on behalf of students.

Our Students’ Union is a member of the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), and the Edmonton Student Alliance (ESA). This year, I was elected the Chair of CASA’s Board of Directors, which afforded me the ability to sit down with some of the country’s most influential figures, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. I place immense importance in our non-partisan and pragmatic advocacy approach, and that’s exactly how I will continue my work as VP External.”

- Adam Brown

As per Students’ Union Bylaw 1100:

The Vice President External:

1. shall develop and maintain awareness of significant issues external to the University of Alberta that impact students;

2. shall advocate for the Students' Union to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments; and

3. shall lead and coordinate the Students' Union's efforts on advocacy external to the University of Alberta.