Who is Adam?


Adam Brown is an experienced leader in student governance, politics, and community involvement. His passion for positive change has led him into his fourth year of student governance with the University of Alberta Students’ Union, now serving as the Vice President External. In this role, as well as being the Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, Adam has led numerous dialogues with students, community leaders and politicians from all levels of government in the hopes of improving the qualities of life and education for students.  

A fourth-year business student between the Faculty of Business and Campus Saint-Jean, Adam began serving students as soon as he arrived at the University of Alberta when he was elected Vice President First Year of AUFSJ. In his third year, he was elected President of AUFSJ and sought to become a strong advocate for the right to access post-secondary education in French in Alberta. Spending time at Campus Saint-Jean taught Adam the value of bilingualism as he was "adopted" into Alberta's culturally rich francophone community. From 2017-2018, he served as the Prime Minister of the Parlement Jeunesse de l'Alberta, and is currently the Government House Leader for the upcoming Parlement Jeunesse Pancanadien, provincial and national youth mock parliaments conducted entirely in French.

Adam knows how to advocate to government, and understands the changing political climate in Alberta and Canada. He brings a multi-partisan approach with him, knowing that good ideas can come from diverse political perspectives. His efforts as CASA Chair and UASU VP External allow him to advocate to government to benefit students across all campuses at the University of Alberta and Canada.

Adam Brown always aims to be a reliable, hard-working and approachable Vice President External.

"I believe I have the voice to effectively represent all students at this university" - Adam Brown