Who is Adam?


Adam Brown is an experienced leader in student governance, politics, and community involvement. After four years of student governance at the University of Alberta, Adam was successfully re-elected for a second term as Vice President External of the Students’ Union.

Adam is a fourth year Bilingual Business student between the Faculty of Business and Campus Saint-Jean. In 2017 he served as President of the Campus Saint-Jean students’ association (l’Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean), and in 2018 he was elected Vice President External for the UASU. He currently serves in this role where he was also elected Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations - advocating not only for University of Alberta students but for students from across the country in Ottawa throughout the past year.

In 2018 Adam took our message to all levels of government, including the Prime Minister of Canada working towards a better future for students. Bill 19 here in Alberta was an incredible victory that gave students a voice in tuition and fees. Adam was so proud to be a part of making that change happen. There are new challenges and opportunities coming our way, and Adam want to make sure that we can thrive in our time at the UofA and that our SU is strong in serving its members. He has three major advocacy priorities: affordability, mental health, and student employment. Adam also wants the VP External to become the primary fundraiser for the SU to aid in our continued sustainability and success. He brings new ideas, experience, and passion and will continue being an effective VP External for you. 

He is an experienced leader in student governance, politics, and community involvement. In this role, as well as being the Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, Adam has led numerous dialogues with students, community leaders, and politicians from all levels of government in the hopes of improving the qualities of life and education for students.  

Adam knows how to advocate to government, and understands the changing political climate in Alberta and Canada. He brings a multi-partisan approach with him, knowing that good ideas can come from diverse political perspectives. His efforts as CASA Chair and UASU VP External allow him to advocate to government to benefit students across all campuses at the University of Alberta and Canada.

Adam always aims to be a reliable, hard-working and approachable Vice President External.